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Why the Urgency?

We are in a time of great and rapid transition where the Earth's ecosystems and consequently the well-being of all of us is are under significant threat. We increasingly recognize that we and all living things are stakeholders in the planet's future. 


What we choose now matters. We still have a chance to take remedial and regenerative action, but it will require urgent, informed and prioritised choices. The Arctic and Antarctic act as the Earth's thermostats and need our immediate protection because of their impact on all ecosystems. Once lost they are gone forever. 


Forests, the ‘lungs’ of our Planet and our Oceans are key to the interlinked systems on which we depend. We consider these as ‘Global Commons’, superlife support systems that impact societies, economies and the biodiversity of our entire planet.


We are building an engaging and impactful inter-generational platform that consciously collaborates to protect our planetary ecosystems.

We believe as Global Citizens we can require our decision makers to listen to what people want and take urgent action to protect these precious Global Commons. 

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Our SDG Commitments
"Enduring Sustainability cannot be achieved without Peace, nor can lasting Peace be realized without Sustainability.

— Sally Ranney, Founder & President 

"Let's wake up to the reality of what is happening.... Let's make wise and prioritized choices... Lets act NOW!"

— Inge Relph, Cofounder & Executive Director

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GlobalChoices.org is a 501(c)(3) USA organization which engages innovation, collaboration, communication, education and activation, informed by verified science and the SDGs. 

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