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what do you say?

Plans are afoot in the Arctic to drill for oil and gas, to seismic blast for deep sea-bed mining and to create a shipping lane that will break through the ice. We call for better governance of these critical ecosystems.


At the 2020 World Economic Forum, we launched our Hands Off the Arctic campaign. We had beanies made to get your attention. 


We want you to CARE about protecting these vital Global Commons from exploitation, NOW!

Unleash your creativity!

For fun, tag you and your beanie with #ArcticAngels and mention us @GCArcticAngels on Instagram or @ArcticAngels_GC on Twitter to help spread the word.

What NOW?

The campaign for Hands Off continues...

No Ordinary Beanie

Originally starting at the 2020 World Economic Forum, where the mission was ‘to improve the state of the world’, we grasped the opportunity to raise our voices and highlight climate priorities.


We chose to make theory real by having beanies made, to raise awareness of the current plans to wilfully harm the ice. Through our beanies, we want to promote an understanding of the importance of the Poles to the interconnected global ecosystem. 

Our beanies are made from unique REPREVE polyester yarn made by UNIFI USA, one of our partners during this WEF. Each beanie saves 4 plastic bottles from entering our oceans, as the plastic waste used for the recycled fiber is sourced from within 30 miles of coastlines. Our other partner is VIVOBAREFOOT, which is a wonderful example of a circular business putting people and planet at the core of their action. Through these collaborations, we are supporting the development of a future in which businesses are accountable for their choices and global impact. 

We hope that those who receive our beanies will wear them over and over; spreading our message whilst respecting the finite nature of Earth’s resources.

If you would like more of our beanies, please contact


"Youth must empower one another to think critically and to act creatively. We need to move beyond ourselves, to a connected understanding of the Earth."

Arctic Angel Coordinator, Emma

21 Years old

Calling upon Youth

We can't plant ice

‘The Arctic is an interesting microcosm of the geo-political and ethical challenges that need to be faced if we genuinely want to protect the Global Commons for this and future generations.  It throws into sharp relief the absence of effective and inclusive global governance. 


When it was a commercially uninteresting frozen area, a Council of contiguous States and some observer members governed the space relatively well. However progressive melting risks not only indiscriminate commercial exploitation, but also significant downstream harm from sea level rise that makes untenable the exclusion of the voices of those most affected. 


To those who say the ice is melting anyway, we say mindful, modest and well thought- through development incorporating Indigenous wisdom is possible. However, willful acts such as breaking through the ice, ill-considered geo-engineering, oil and gas exploration and deep seabed mining in such a critical, pristine environment is unacceptable harm of a Global Commons. 


We call for fit-for-purpose and enforceable care of the ice and exposure of the financial institutions that fund profits over protection. We need people to know what is happening and feel empowered to speak out’.

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Inge Relph

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